Natural Stone Fishing Weights and Sinkers – Pallatrax Stonze

Our highly regarded and natural stone fishing weights or sinkers are the ultimate in genuine camouflage. We have removed the concerns that are associated with your lead weights – predominately the largest piece of terminal tackle and, therefore, the most obtrusive to the fish as well as lead not being environmentally friendly.

It has been said that the Stonze were here before their time but in actual fact that is so far from the truth with anglers using stones as fishing weight for thousands of years! And why not as it makes complete and total sense that such a simple and natural product truly has every opportunity to help you Catch More Fish without harming the environment!

The Versatile Stone Fishing Weight Options

  • You can flavour a Stonze for extra attraction in your swim because they are porous.
  • They make fantastic Method feeders, and when your mix breaks down you are simply left with a natural stone.
  • Their weight displacement is ideal for soft or silt bottoms and Stonze are natural and therefore not made out of a known toxin – lead.
  • Every Stonze is unique in weight, shape, size and colour and can therefore be oriented to whatever your fi shing style is at the time.
  • Stonze cast easily and accurately
  • Internationally patented and award winning
  • A genuine multi-species angling tool with indisputable fishing edges

Welcome to the stonze age

With nigh on twenty years of experience using Stonze and with thousands upon thousands of fish falling to a tactic that revolves around our natural weights surely that is enough proof that we’re onto something, something big – but in some quarters apparently that is not the case!

Critics have frustratingly tried to dispel the truth of this genuine advantage through promoting a whole plethora of assumed and flawed negatives whilst at the same time never having actually used a Stonze – you have to question why?