The Stonze Benefits

The genuine reasons to fish with our devastatingly effective, innovative and environmentally friendly Stonze fishing weights to easily Catch More Fish, be it carp, barbel, tench, bream, chub, perch and other species:

  • The planet’s most effective natural fishing weight as it removes the largest piece of your terminal tackle, which is man-made, and replaces it with a natural stone weight
  • Shown to increase catch rates as fish do not associate a Stonze weight with danger
  • Stonze are non-toxic and environmentally friendly compared to toxic lead, which is now facing a ban due to its toxicity
  • An incredibly effective method feeder with a naturally pitted surface, allowing your ground baits to stick to it. Once it breaks down, all that is left is a naturally occurring stone
  • Stonze are porous so will take on a flavour to add extra attractant to your swim
  • Stonze cast easily and accurately
  • Internationally patented and award winning
  • Swivel Stonze, complete with a size 8 flexi ring swivel, are available in increments from 0.5oz to 5.5oz
  • Inline Stonze are available in increments from 0.5oz to 3.5oz
  • Each weight is unique in size, shape and colour
  • A genuine multi-species angling tool with indisputable fishing edges